Microsoft Cyber Security Analysts Professional Certificate

Microsoft Cyber Security Analysts Professional Certificate

Course Title – Microsoft Cyber Security Analysts Professional Certificate

Cyber security has become the backbone of the internet, and as the world becomes more digitized the need for cyber security becomes increasingly important.

Training people in cyber security is especially important. Striking a balance between giving people a really thorough overview of cyber security, and giving people enough scape to focus on particular roles can be quite a tricky balance.

This course does do both. It goes from  presenting a basic overview of what a computer is and what the different operating systems are. through to cyber security management and compliance, and the different roads that cyber security leads to.

Microsoft Cyber Security Analysts Professional Certificate Content

This certificate  is made up of nine different courses each designed to build upon each other, to provide a thorough grounding in all aspects of cyber security.  Each course is made up of a number of different modules which present information in three different formats, videos, text and quizzes.

Each course is designed to allow people to learn at their own pace, and given that it is online, people can go back to any areas that are not clear to them, in order to re-learn it.

The nine courses that make up the certificate or as follows :

  • Introduction to computers and operating systems and security
  • Introduction to network and cloud computing
  • Cyber security threat vectors and mitigation
  • Cyber security identity and access solutions using azure ad
  • Cyber Security Solutions and Microsoft Defender
  • Cyber security tools and technologies
  • Cyber security management and Compliance
  • Advanced cyber security concepts and Capstone Project
  • Microsoft SC- 900 exam preparation and practice


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A few years ago, it was quite easy to define what a computer was, what it did and making sure it worked properly. The advent of the personal computer changed that completely and today’s world is even more complicated.

People don’t think of their smartphone as a computer but in fact that’s what it is, along with a desktop, laptop, tablet, in fact virtually anything that can connect to the internet could be seen as a computer.

IOT devices are becoming more and more common and integrated into people’s lives, be at a television, a car, an in-house security system, a bed, refrigerator etc.

Whilst people may not think of some of these IOT devices as computers, if they can connect to the internet, then they are at risk of being attacked in some way, and present a cyber security risk. In this context is helpful to think of them as computers.

These courses cover the basics of how computers work, the different operating systems that can be used and their particular vulnerabilities to being exploited, and what such vulnerabilities mean in practice.

There is a detailed analysis of the different types of cyber threat, how threats continually evolve and how to understand the best way to respond to them. This can involve a real understanding of risk assessment and risk management and the best type of defence model.

These courses also look in detail at how networking and cloud computing work, and the various vulnerabilities that these environments and infrastructures can present.

All of these areas are looked at in the context of a business environment. Small businesses are especially vulnerable because of the intense pressure they are often under in terms of cost and then need to prioritize a wide range of different processes within the business.

As Microsoft is one of the market leaders in all technology products, this course focuses on two of their main solutions to cyber security, Azure AD and Microsoft Defender.

These can be highly important to learn as many companies will use Microsoft as their operating system, and will use their experience to create their own security environment.

These courses will also include some practical experience around the concept of penetration testing.

This is a part of many companies security prevention plans, getting people to test how secure their systems are before anyone attacks them in order that they may know  where their vulnerabilities are, and what they can do about them.

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Microsoft offer this course through Coursera, and online educational platform. Their pricing policy is to offer a seven day free trial, followed by a monthly charge of $59, payable until the certificate is finished.

This means that the total cost of the Certificate depends on how long the person takes to complete all the coursework.

Coursera offer of this as a beginner level course, and estimate it would take 6 months at 10 hours a week for someone to complete it, although this can obviously vary from individual to individual and should be taken as a guide only.

The value of a free seven-day introductory period  is that the material can be quite  thoroughly reviewed during that time, to make sure it is both relevant and up to date to the individual, and that it is presented in such a way that the individual finds attractive and easy to learn from.

Microsoft Cyber Security Analysts – Jobs

For many people the value of the certificate will be in helping them to quite a job at Microsoft or related company.

Below are some of the types of job available at Microsoft for which this certificate would be a useful lead in :