Microsoft Cyber Security

Microsoft Cyber Security

Microsoft has been around since the beginning of the personal computer era, and created the dominant operating system that ran computers till the internet made operating systems less relevant.

Microsoft Windows still runs many of the worlds computers, both desktop and laptop, and has been at the forefront of developing cyber security safety systems not only for computers, but servers, networking systems and numerous endpoint devices.

Like a number of big tech companies, Microsoft produce several in depth courses on different aspects of cyber security and related training programs.

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These courses or certificates have two main purposes. They help train people in the broad aspects of cyber security, which can be applicable to any cyber security job in any company, and also help prepare people for specific jobs at Microsoft itself.

Cyber security has become the backbone need of the internet and everything associated with it. The more the internet develops, the more endpoint devices there are, the more companies and individuals use the cloud, the greater IOT devices become integrated into people’s lives, then the greater the need for cyber security.

Below are a number of the courses that Microsoft offer, with a more detailed analysis of platform, content, cost and value.

Microsoft Cypress Security Analysts Professional Certificate