What is an IT Data Entry Analyst?

IT Data Entry Analyst

Job Title – IT Data Entry Analyst

The role of an IT Data Entry Analyst is sometimes overlooked, but is in fact a real opportunity to enter the whole field of data Analytics at an entry level position, and to learn the fundamentals of the job in a clear and specific manner.

Description / Responsibilities

The very term data can be of putting some people, but it’s simply a different name for information.

Virtually all businesses and government bodies rely on being able to analyze information or data in order to make effective and efficient decisions concerning their organization or business.

They rely on this data being accurate, clear and able to be presented to the relevant managers or departments in such a way so as to be easily understood and interpreted.

An IT Data Entry Analyst job will usually be on the first rung of the ladder, and the nature of the job will be to physically input information or data into various fields of different software programs that run on the company or businesses IT systems.

Whilst this sounds quite simple, in fact it will require a significant level of decision-making.

The data has to first be researched and identified, then cleaned and then inputted  in such a way as to make sure that it is accurate, and corresponds to other data already held on the system.

This requires a high degree of concentration, and an ability to make judgments about how certain elements of information related to each other in an informed and collaborative manner.

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The job of a IT Data Entry Analyst will also involve collating this data into reports that can be presented, normally to senior managers, in a clear and effective manner.

This will involve learning various business management tools, depending upon what type are used within the company or organization.

IT Data Entry Analyst Qualifications / Experience

The job of an IT Data Entry Analyst is normally seen as an entry-level job. There will normally be a requirement of some type of academic qualifications, but the extent of these can often be quite flexible in terms of applying for such job.

What is probably more important is at the applicant has a good eye for detail, and can think analytically in terms of analyzing and disseminating information.

Any one applying for this role would do well to be able to show these skills at interview, quite possibly by sharing examples of how they have used such skills in different situations.

Other candidates may have experience in data entry, possibly in a different field, and this experience can prove valuable as the skills involved in the job are easily transferable.

Salary / Benefits

Online job agencies estimate that the salary for this type of job is like to be somewhere between $55,000 and $75000,  with the usual caveat that it depends on the level of experience, the type of employer and the location of the job.

The type of employer refers to either a government or state body, a commercial business or company or a non-profit.

It is important note that some jobs may be at the lower end of the salary scale, but may have certain benefits that compensate for that including health benefits and long-term retirement planning.

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Hours / Shift work

Most of the jobs regarding IT Data Entry Analysis are likely to be full-time and permanent, and to be done during normal office hours.

There is a possibility that some companies may need quick or fast data entry work to be done in certain situations which may involve shift work or even over time.

If this is the case the company should specify this in the employment contract, and ideally in the job application advert as well.


With this type of work it is crucial that the company provide some structured training package, around the data entry work itself, around the various software packages that the company uses and the business management tools used to produce and present reports.

This should be in addition to practical on the job training or mentorship, which many companies provide either on a formal or informal basis.


The physical location of the company should be specified in the job application advert, as should any possibility of hybrid working.

The nature of the work means that is often possible for this work to be done off-site, either as a preference or as a part of the employment contract, and this should be clearly spelled out between the two parties.