IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate Review

IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate

IT project management is a crucial part of all companies and organizations infrastructure, making sure that the relevant project is carried through in an efficient and timely manner.

An IT infrastructure of some kind is found in virtually every business in today’s world, all of which require some degree of project management.

This can range from setting up a website, through to installing new servers, or making sure that legacy systems are integrated into an existing infrastructure.

The IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate, is a course designed to teach the various skills that someone needs to become a successful project manager. These include the ability to have a clear vision and plan of what the project is, and how to implement it.

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This involves a detailed understanding of the project management lifecycle, and the varying factors that can make it work or not.

In IT project management it is important to realize that the life cycle is often dependent on many other people fulfilling the area of work that has been assigned to them, and if for any reason they fail to do so then the whole project could be at risk of being delayed or even unable to be bought to completion.

The project manager needs to have a clear understanding of all the systems in the company, both hardware and software, as well as understanding networks and cloud computing, and perhaps most importantly computer cyber security.

The IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate Cost

This course by IBM is offered on Coursera, an online teaching platform. Their pricing policy is to offer a free 7-Day trial, at the end of which a monthly subscription of $49 is charged for as long as the course is accessed.

Having a rolling charge does have some advantages. It means that the course material can be looked over in detail in the first seven days to make sure it is appropriate for the person’s needs. If not they can cancel it and move on to another course.

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If the course is appropriate, how much it actually costs will depend on how quickly the person can process the material. Coursera  indicates that it expects it would take approximately 4 months if a person was working 10 hours a week.

This will obviously vary quite a lot depending upon the individuals learning capacity and their prior knowledge of the subject, but it is a useful indication.

The IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate Reviews

Using reviews of any course effectively requires a slight change of mindset. It is a good idea to look for as many negative reviews as possible because these are the ones that will give some indication of any potential issues that may be relevant to a new student.

Some reviews are simply complaints or moans and may normally be put down to the individual and their specific circumstances.

Other reviews may highlight a more significant issue. Common ones on some courses include things like outdated material, difficulty of subject, lack of support etc.

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IF there are enough bad reviews in any of these one areas it could potentially be a red flag that needs to be addressed.

Equally a course like this is offered by IBM and to an extent  the content of the course will be relevant to their company. This is fine and is probably understood by most people who undertake the course.

The IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate Syllabus

This certificate is made up of nine individual courses, each with their own dedicated subunits. Below is a breakdown of the courses syllabus, available through Coursera.

  • Introduction to project management
  • Project management foundations, initiation and planning
  • Project lifecycle information sharing and risk management
  • Project management communications, stakeholders and leadership
  • Information Technology fundamentals for everyone
  • Introduction to software engineering
  • Introduction to Agile development and Scrum
  • Introduction to Scrum master profession
  • Project management Capstone

This certificate goes through a very structured process of detailing what is involved in project management, drawing on traditional project management models and resources, bringing in an understanding of IT systems, and bringing the two together in a unified approach.