What is a Data Loss Prevention Operations Analyst?

Data Loss Prevention Operations Analyst

Job Title – Data Loss Prevention Operations Analyst

This type of job rule is becoming more and more common nowadays, and is more focused on helping a company retain the integrity of its data protection policies, either following normal business working practices, in the event of a data breach or in trying to prevent one.

Description / Responsibilities

Most companies or businesses will have some type of cyber security control center, and data protection is likely to fall under their orbit.

As companies, especially social media companies, collect more and more data on the individuals and their lifestyle, so their responsibility and liability in terms of data protection grows as well.

Individual’s data is often key to the company’s future, as it is this information that allows them to target advertising or products to customers in a very specific or focused way.

The cyber security control center will likely have a data loss prevention lead, and an operations analyst will work closely with them as well as other analysts.

An operations analyst will be part of a team that will continually develop data protection policies and make sure they are complied with throughout the company or business. This will relate to many other areas of the business as well such as cyber security, IT networking, privacy controls etc.

The company or business itself will have a number of obligations regarding confidentiality, contractual commitments to employees, partners or contractors.

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If the company operates in more than one country there may well be different regulatory conditions in different countries, all of which will need to be adhered to.

A data loss prevention operations analyst will play a key role in making sure that these policies are clear and effective, and complied with throughout the company in such a way as to minimize the possibility of any data protection breach

Their job will also be to monitor the companies specific internal technology that flags up any potential data protection breach – this can relate to an employees information, customer information, sensitive commercial information and possibly a breach of intellectual property.

Incident Response Team

A cyber security control center should have an incident response plan in place, in the event of a data breach.

A Data Loss Prevention Operations Analyst is likely to be involved either in the formation and/or the implementation of this plan at all levels.

It is likely also there will be tests done of this plan to make sure that it works properly, and this will also require a degree of planning and implementation.

In the event of a data breach, the analyst will have a key role in identifying what type of data has been accessed, how much of it and potentially how damaging it is to any individual who is part of the business structure.

Data Loss Prevention Operations Analyst – Qualifications / Experience

It is likely a bachelor’s degree will be asked for, ideally in some type of computer science related field, but this may be in negotiable.

A certain level of experience in cyber security is likely to be deemed essential,  as is significant experience and understanding data protection, data loss and data discovery and identification.

Cyber security and data protection is still a relatively new area of business practice, so an individual candidate’s level of experience may vary quite widely.

Big companies may want between 3 and 5 years experience in these fields, but like all job adverts, these requirements can often be seen as a bit of a wish list, but they do give an indication of what is needed.

Also needed will be a pretty thorough understanding of the different types of data protection regulations in any country where the company or organization does its business.

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Salary / Benefits

This title or role is seen as highly important within a business or industry, and salary levels should reflect that. Online job agencies estimates salaries can be between $80000 and $110000, although this can vary quite widely depending upon the business and / or its location.

A good benefits package, including possible re-location, should also be offered, and should reflect how important this type of job /role  is considered to be within the company.


It is important to make sure that the company offers individually focused training and support for learning in all areas of data protection. This is a fast moving area of both legislation and practice. Analysts will be expected to be completely up to date, almost on a daily basis, of the areas that affect the company they work for.

The ability to access good training both in person and online is a crucial part of their job development, and the capability to do their job in accordance with the companies requirements.


Vetting can take different forms within different industries, but there is likely to be some type of background check on any one applying for a position like this one.  Any government-related job is likely to have a much higher level of vetting than a commercial business, but certain industries may take a much stricter view of someone’s background than other Industries.