Jobs in IT Support

IT Support Jobs

IT support, often referred to as IT technical support, Or IT Support Services  is crucial to the smooth and safe running of almost any organization, business, corporation, non profit or government entity.

IT Tech Support

There are different types and levels of IT support, but there are four or five main areas that people can get jobs in. These can either be quite specialized jobs, or entry-level jobs that can lead to more specialized careers in areas such as networks or cybersecurity.

IT Support Services – IT Tech Support


This can include installing and configuring proper networks within a company, with special provision for employees who use their own devices, down as BYOD.

Desktop Support

Probably the most common type of IT support job role – provides either face-to-face or modem to modem support to employees / users of a business or company.


Working for a hardware company, installing and maintaining hardware that has been installed in a company or business.


Working for a software manufacturer, installing, upgrading, configuring and sorting bugs on any piece of software that it manufacture has produced it has been bought or licensed by a business or company.

MSP – Managed Service Provider – Managed It Support Services

Working for or on behalf of a managed service provider, specializing in all or any of the above areas on behalf of a particular client or range of clients within a certain industry.

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Small Business IT Support

A small business may well decide to outsource their IT Tech Support to an external IT support company, for reasons of economy and also expertise. This may be a MSP, or a small remote company providing such a service.

IT Tech Support Job Role

Job titles can be a bit misleading in terms of IT support, because boundaries can easily become blurred, and support has to go where it is needed.

Any of the above areas of technical support can easily blend into one of the other areas, meaning that the IT Support Specialist needs to have a broad range of knowledge and personal skills.

IT Support 24 /7

Many IT support roles will be expected to work what are known as unsocial hours, given that IT  support services, whether internal or external are expected to be in operation all day and night, everyday of the year.

This will mean IT support staff will probably need to do some pattern of shift work as part of their employment contract. Unsocial hours payments or time off in lieu are normally seen as compensation for such work.

IT Support Knowledge Base

Any role in IT support means that the person is the go-to-point when problems arise within the computer / technology infrastructure of the company or business.  Saying ‘I don’t know’ isn’t really an option.

Depending upon the seniority of the employee, there will be expectations of them as to their knowledge and capabilities.

This will include a thorough understanding of networking, maintaining hardware, installing and upgrading software and providing face to face support to employees where needed.

An understanding of the major types of software will be expected, as well as any software specific to that particular company or industry.

IT support specialist would not be expected normally to write software, but they may be expected to understand any bespoke software written specifically for that company or business.

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IT Tech Support Skills

Many job openings request a range of skills around communication, listening, being personable etc.

An IT support specialist will be expected to have skills at two specific levels. One is the technical referred to above, which should be spelled out in any job specification. The second are what are known as people’s skills.

The job of an IT support worker is to fix problems but also to reassure people at the same time that not only do they know what they are doing, but that they can approach and deal with people on a friendly and reassuring basis.

IT systems are at the heart of any business or company, and when for any reason they either don’t work or become problematic, part of the job of an IT support worker is to help prevent staff getting panicked about the loss of the ability to do their job.

People skills are key to making sure that problems and blockages are dealt with efficiently and effectively in a timely manner, whilst at the same time keeping employees and users on board as to the work that has been done and why it is being done.

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