What is a Google Project Manager Certificate?

Google Project Manager Certificate

Title – Google Project Manager Certificate

Project management is sometimes thought of as a process that relates to design and implementation of buildings or significant industrial projects.

Whilst this is true, in fact it can apply to any type of task, big or small. Most tasks / goals require some degree of project management although it is often not called that as such.

Project Management and Cyber Security

The process of achieving anything requires a degree of focus on the outcome, that is then worked backwards to the very beginning.

This results in a degree of understanding of everything and everyone that is needed to be involved in achieving the goal. This is essentially what project management is, and is a crucial element of Cyber Security Planning and Implementation

Google Project Manager Certificate Course Content

Google recognizes this and has created a certificate that reflects a detailed learning package as to how to understand the nature of project management, and how to apply it to any type of technological or computer related need or issue.

The certificate consists of six individual courses, each made up of individual modules, which together provide a concrete background for people wanting to work in project management, and understand the processes that underlie it.

The six courses are :

  • Foundations of Project Management
  • Project Initiation – Starting a Successful Project
  • Project Planning –  Putting it all Together
  • Project Execution –  Running the Project
  • Agile Project Management
  • Applying Project Management in the Real World

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The courses focus on project management as a major business tool and explore the cycle of how project management works, as well as exploring the different methodologies behind project management and how each is relevant to a particular project.

The courses explore the importance of, and how to define project goals, the need to work with numerous other stakeholders, and the various resources that are needed to make sure the project happens as intended.

A big part of project management is about defining and managing risk. This is often thought of in terms of cost, and while this is a factor in cyber security, there are actually more important definitions of risk that need to be taken into account, identified and managed.

That is also a clear focus on the need to be flexible during the project management cycle. It is very easy to set goals and put in place things you think you need to achieve those goals, but it is also really important to constantly monitor what is working and what is not working.

The need for flexibility as opposed to rigidity is crucial, but can easily be an overlooked part of project management.

Google Project Manager Certificate Access and Cost

Google offer this course through Coursera, which has an excellent reputation as an online educational provider.

Their pricing structure is that they offer a seven-day free trial, after which a charge is made currently $49 per month to access all the courses (August 2023).

This means that during the seven day free trial people can analyse and review the content of the courses, make sure they are presented in a way that works for them, and that the content is relevant and up to date.

If someone decides to carry on with the course, then the monthly charge recurs until the individual has finished the various courses and obtained their certificate.

This means that the total cost of the certificate depends upon how long someone takes to finish it.

Coursera classify this as a beginner level course, with no previous experience necessary, and estimate should take approximately 6 months if someone works 10 hours a week at it.

This will obviously vary considerably given people’s ability to a time commitment, but is useful as a working guide.

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Google Project Manager Certificate Reviews and Value

Reviews can be always useful and there are numerous reviews on the Coursera website. It has always been beneficial to look at any negative reviews, as they can sometimes flag up a particular point that someone might have missed that is relevant to whether or not they want to sign up for a course.

However, the seven-day free trial is probably the best way to review it by spending time going through all the different modules, previewing both the video and written content, before actually signing up for the whole certificate series.

Job Titles and Salaries

There are numerous jobs available in the whole field of project management, a number of which relate to cyber security and technology generally. Skills and experience in project management should be easily transferable making the job market even more open.

Coursera estimate the median US salary for project management is roughly $77,000, although this can vary, depending on the type of industry and location of work.

Project management is a vitally needed skill in all types of business, and the more experience and specialism an individual has, the more likely they are able to achieve a higher salary and better benefits.

Some of the current project management job titles include :

Cyber Security Project Management

Project Manager

Project Co-ordinator

Project Assistant