What is Power BI?

What is Power BI

Power BI  is one of the best-known business automation tools that companies and businesses use to help integrate their services and workflows in the most efficient and timely manner.

Unsurprisingly, Power BI was created by Microsoft, who have built on their extensive experience in software and software systems to design a package that’s most businesses can find really hopeful.

Microsoft provide in depth training on the different parts of Power BI,  and below is a summary of these main areas :

Parts of Power BI

Power BI  consists of three main parts or elements :

  • A Windows desktop application
  • An online software as a service service
  • A mobile app for Windows Mac and Android tablets and phones.

How Power BI works

The intent behind these three parts is to form a coherent and uniform system that allows people maximum flexibility in all areas of a business, to combine and optimize their workflow.

This can then be used to produce reports in a number of different formats, or relevant to companies in different areas of business operations.

cyber security

Power BI and Cyber Security

One of the challenges of cyber security for a lot of small businesses especially is how to codify the information they have regarding cybersecurity threats into ways that are both presentable and understandable by all the employees within the business or company.

Many people in businesses especially small businesses used to take a few that cyber security was simply the role of the tech guys. One of the major changes in the last few years is that most companies do understand that cyber security is an issue that everyone in the business or company needs to understand and take measures to deploy.

Inevitably this involves all members of staff understanding what the threats are and what they need to do to minimize them.

This kind of all simple things like using proper passwords to opening unauthorized emails and links to using their own devices for company business.

Using a business automation tool such as Power BI  allows for the dissemination of information in clear and simple reports to different areas of a company who may have specific needs and variables within their different processes.

Power Bi Market Lead

Microsoft has long realized the power or business automation tools not least in its Office Package, and Power BI  definitely builds on that. It can be integrated very simply with Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Many consider it the market lead in business automation tools, and this can be a factor when recruiting cyber security employees. Anyone who has experience of both Microsoft Office and Power BI  puts themselves in a strong position in terms of the level of experience understanding and ability to disseminate cyber security threats.