What is RMM Software?

RMM Software

RMM software stands for remote monitoring and management software, and is used by a specialist companies known as MSP’s to monitor clients technology infrastructure. It is a crucial element of a company’s cyber security strategy.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, will outsource the monitoring of their whole technology and IT systems to what are known as Managed IT Service Providers (MSP)

An MSP will use one particular type of RMM software to remotely monitor and manage a company’s server, desktop computers, laptops, applications, IOT applications, tablets, smartphones and any other devices that the company or it’s employees use to access its IT systems.

The process starts by having the RMM software installed on all the above devices and systems, which can then be remotely monitored and administered by an MSP.

The software will provide a huge amount of real-time and historical data to the management provider, who will then collate it into a simple format that they can use to check for any inconsistencies or aberrations that may be symptomatic of a cyber attack.

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RMM Software Functions

The software has a number of functions, mainly :

  • Patch Management
  • It Automations
  • Advanced Reports
  • Alerts
  • Help desk
  • Ticketing
  • Integration with a number of other software products
  • New device integration

The main benefit to a client is that they can feel secure that their whole IT structure  is remotely monitored and managed by a specialist company, using software that will flag up any threat or inefficiency in the system.

The RMM software also allows for a more efficient use of time regarding problems, through an automated help desk and ticketing system. Some software is now beginning to use chat GPT, which, whether people like AI or not, manages their system much more efficiently.

The client should also have the benefits of a fixed cost system, as the cost of the software and the MSP can be determined in advance. Given that technology costs can often be unpredictable this is often a very valuable feature for many small businesses.

There are a number of different software products available, mainly aimed at the small business market. Most small businesses, especially start ups, are having to juggle several different aspects of running and growing the business.

They normally realise the importance of their IT infrastructure being secure, and value having specialist companies who can make sure that all elements of the system are used to their full capacity in a safe and efficient way.

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RMM and Small Businesses

Small businesses tend to use four main criteria to assess the quality of which RMM to use, either for themselves or with an MSP.

  • Device Management
  • Quality of support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Service Management

There is no particular market leader in RMM software, many of them have similar features. The following is a list of the main players that are consistently used, in no particular order.

  • Ninjaone
  • Atera
  • Go to Resolve
  • N-ableN-central
  • SuperOps.ai
  • Datto RMM
  • Central
  • Syncro
  • Kaseya
  • Action1

Rmm Software Jobs

There are a significant number of jobs likely to be available throughout the cyber se4curity and small business community.

Most of the jobs are likely to be in sales, but the knowledge required to sell the software effectively will need to be substantial, meaning there will be other job roles available, possibly on a consulting basis.

Knowledge of this software can also be a good lead in to IT Support Desk Technician jobs, which can also lead to good entry level cyber security jobs.