Cyber Governance

Cyber governance is a bit of a corporate expression, but one that applies to any organisation of any size, and any individual looking to protect themselves and their families from cyber crime.

At its heart, cyber governance is simply about having some type of structured plan, with built-in accountability, to make sure that cyber security has a clear focus, clear leadership, and a prominent place at the heart of the organisation, or the individual and their family’s life.

The type of cyber governance needed will differ considerably, both in its shape, and in its formal or informal nature.

A big company is likely to have, or should have, a very structured cyber governance plan, which would run in parallel to their other types of corporate governance.

A family on the other hand, may not think of their home as needing cyber governance, but they may well put in place policies that have the same effect.

This could include things like limiting internet access for children, limiting smart phones access at home and family discussions about the risks of online bullying.

Anyone wanting to get a job in cyber security will need to understand the principles of cyber governance, both in order to be a part of it, and to make sure there is an effective system and plan in place that makes cyber security a top priority.

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A Cyber Governance plan will normally follow a simple structure, as below

Cyber Governance

  • Lead
  • Plan
  • Staff
  • Systems
  • Structure
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Incident management response