What is a Data Analyst Apprenticeship?

What is a Data Analyst Apprenticeship?

Job Title – Data Analyst Apprenticeship

A number of companies offer apprenticeships in various areas of computer and cyber security related job roles – an apprenticeship as a data analyst would be a highly sought after position, and well worth any candidate trying to access.

An apprenticeship is normally very well structured, in terms of time, content and commitment. The apprenticeship is likely to be offered by an educational establishment which has links to a number of business partners.

Some companies themselves may offer apprenticeships as well, and there maybe some similarities with entry-level positions.

Description / Responsibilities

An apprenticeship in Data Analytics will focus on both formal training, and on the job at training, meaning that the learning may be in a specific industry or business, as well as general level data analysis.

The content of the apprenticeship is like to be spelled out in detail when someone applies, but is likely to focus on the following areas :

  • Understanding the meaning of data
  • Learning to identify different sources of data
  • Researching how that data is relevant to a particular company or industry
  • Learning what is dirty data and how to clean it up
  • Recognizing how to standardize data into specific formats
  • How to prepare data into clear and simple reports
  • Learn basic coding
  • Learning how to develop critical thinking skills
  • Learning basic research techniques
  • Communicating effectively with other team members

Data Analyst Apprenticeship – Qualifications / Experience

An apprenticeship program is usually open to people without too many academic qualifications. This is to make sure that as wide as possible a group of people can apply.

At the same time, the people who are running the apprenticeship program need to know that applicants can meet the riggers of it in terms of intellect and learning.

It can be at times a bit of a balancing act to make sure that the right people can access the course, without excluding people who may not have had any real opportunity for the type of learning needed before now.

Some candidates may opt to do other certificates before applying for an apprenticeship, such as courses that need to some type of qualification in software programs such as Microsoft Office, or programming such as Python or HTML.

Salary / Benefits

An apprenticeship is likely be treated similarly to an entry-level position, and there will be some level of income or payment but this can vary quite widely depending on the schemes.

Sometimes an hourly rate of between $25 / $35 is shown. This can of apply to the entire time spent as an apprentice, both on the job working and formal learning, or simply on the job working.


An apprenticeship is most likely  to be a formal mix of time spent working with a business partner or educational organization, and formal training within the organization itself.

This means that there can be different locations, and quite possibly some working from home or hybrid options.

An educational provider often has different business partners who may be based in different locations, and this may be an area of the scheme that is open to negotiation.