White House addresses IOT Security Concerns

The use of IOT devices is growing rapidly whether they are used in industry or in people’s homes, as are the cyber security fears that come with them.

IOT devices have a reputation for being a cyber risk because it is believed that manufacturers bring them to market quickly without properly assessing their vulnerabilities from cyber attacks.

These fears may or may not be true, but have prompted a new initiative by the White House who have teamed with Google and Best Buy to introduce a new certification and labelling system.

The idea is that this would improve the industry standards for IOT devices, thus making more secure.

It will be interesting to see how this works out, but it does not seem to address the core issue, which is that IOT devices are often quite vulnerable to attacks, and manufacturers are slow to issue patches or security updates of sold the product.

If this certification and labelling program addresses these fears then it will have done a lot of good, if not they’re still need to be pressure or to establish high-level security protocols both in terms of cyber security and privacy concerns at all escalate in the coming years.

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