What is Cyber Crime

The growth of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, has spawned huge potential for criminals.

Cyber crime usually involves some attempt to intimidate, steal, blackmail or otherwise extort money or information from individuals and organisations.

It can also include areas such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and the exploitation of children and vulnerable adults, including sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The monetary aspect of cyber crime is probably the one that gets the most attention, but the aspects of bullying and exploitation are equally as important, if not more so.

Getting a job in cyber security can mean getting involved in trying to prevent all types of cyber crime, or specialising in one particular type such as child exploitation.

If someone wants to work in the financial aspects cyber crime, then it is possible to either specialise in it from a technology point of view, or from a particular industry point of view, or ideally both.

Below are some of the main areas of cyber crime, with links through to more detailed information.

cyber crime